I received the following email from SugarSync this morning, notifying me that my account was going to be deleted because I hadn't used it in 3 months. There was no option to reactivate it, but maybe others can avoid the same fate:

Your Account Will Be Deleted

Hello [name],

You have not used your SugarSync account in over three months. SugarSync periodically deletes accounts that have been inactive for 3 months. To save your data from deletion, please take one of the following actions in the next 7 days:

1. Upgrade to an annual plan and never worry about account expiration again. Paid plans start for as little as $7.49/month or $74.99/year for 60 GB. For a limited time, annual plans are 75% off for the first year.

[Upgrade Now link]

2. Remove your data from SugarSync by following these directions.

When you upgrade, you will be able to back up and access all of your files with the additional storage. Also, in the event your computer is lost or stolen you can remotely erase your SugarSync data on the device, a new feature only available when you upgrade your account. Finally, we will be releasing completely redesigned apps and more features in 2014. Learn more about SugarSync's current features.

Happy Syncing,
The SugarSync Team

Your free SugarSync account user ID is: [username]"